Local Restaurants

The Butcher Shop, Longview, Texas


The complete name of this restaurant is The Butcher Shop Bakery, Meat Market and Restaurant. That covers a lot of ground, but it covers all of it very well thank you. 

Let's start with the butcher part. I don't cook (you'll see those 3 words very often on this website, sorry) but if I did this would be one of the places where I'd buy my beef for sure. They also have buffalo, one of the Wahl's Protocol-approved red meats I can eat and that's a tasty burger for sure. And while I'd rather skip bread most of the time, IF I'm going to eat a burger you better believe I'm going to order one with The Butcher Shop's homemade jalapeno buns! 

While you're waiting for your order you can load up on FREE chili and/or beans! And btw for you non-Southerners, there's no such thing as mixing the two in Texas.  #TexasChiliHasNOBEANS

And oh my lawd, those desserts. THE DESSERTS. Miles and miles of them. My sweet friend Tina Moody Bryan who owns the place and somehow only weighs about 7 pounds is like a drug dealer with her cookies and pies--trying to load me up with styrofoam containers full of her goodies when I'm leaving her place. People from all over NETexas come to The Butcher Shop for the food but yes ma'am, those desserts will make you so very, very happy...until you wake up the next morning with sugar in your hair...like me...

#EatLocal #SayNoToFastFood



WHO NEEDS that giant chain coffee place (don't need to name it) when you can get delicious local coffee here, with ample parking, TWO drive-thru's, and a dining room that serves delicious avocado toast?? 

ChiangMai Thai Kitchen, Longview, Texas


Well sometimes I can’t go out so in it comes! One of my favorite restaurants for takeout is Chiangmai Thai Kitchen-Longview. I love their delicious Snow Salmon dish with lots of healthy veggies (and yes, I actually eat most of them—the sauce is so yummy!). I ordered mine mildly spicy  just because with a side of jasmine rice. When I’m in the restaurant I also like to order their Thai tea--the best way to describe it in East Texas terms is that it's sort of like a melted sweet tea milk shake! And you absolutely must get the mango sticky rice for dessert. You just must. If you don't want it call me and I'll eat it for you. Seriously. 

Fisherman's Market Longview, Texas


Fisherman's Market makes you feel like you’re in New Orleans from the outside with the Zydeco music blasting to the checkered floors & NOLA smells inside!
I mostly order their healthy fresh grilled salmon, but gotta sneak in sides of jambalaya and broccoli rice casserole and green tomato relish. They also has fresh seafood you can take home and cook yourself, but WHY? (Said the person who can’t cook...)
And OH boy, their crawfish spaghetti (for another day), and their fried everything, which you can literally order BY THE BUCKET!!
The only problem here, if you don’t know Fisherman’s Market is here you won’t see it. It is literally impossible to see from the road, it’s inside a shopping center type place. It’s worth looking for, just GPS the address. FIND IT!! EAT HERE!! And have their epic desserts for me please...I just can’t today...



If you like STEAK, all in CAPS, this is where you absolutely must go. You. Must. GO!!! For such a tee-tiny town, Avinger, Texas hosts one of the BIGGEST and BEST steak places in all of East Texas. My buddy Darlene Jacob's awesome 5 D Steakhouse gets extremely busy on weekends so I highly recommend you call for reservations ahead of time. Great old-school steakhouse and atmosphere! Oh and be sure when you're done to hop across to the street, there's a fun little store that has a little bit of everything you can imagine. 

Lizzy's Diner Longview, Texas


My friend Paula and me had breakfast at this place and had pancakes and wow. All I can say is forget that other national place that has the word in their title, THIS is where you go for PANCAKES!  All you can eat, in fact, AND all you can eat biscuits and gravy! Yes ma'am! 

Local Restaurants

Tomboni's Bistro Longview, Texas


When I first moved back to Texas from Southern California, my sister Lisa brought me to Tomboni's and I was so very, very happy. Fine dining, LA-style cuisine with an ever-changing menu. They also serve BRUNCH now! LOVE this place!

The Tuscan Pig Longview, Texas


Yes, you CAN get real farm-to-table Tuscan-style Italian food in the heart of northeast Texas and Chef Rudy knows how to cook it! Specials throughout the week, and there's LIVE music on weekends. Plus Chef Rudy participates in so many wonderful #SupportLongview events throughout the year. So head over to the OTHER side of Longview and you'll be so glad you did! 

Unc's BBQ Longview, Texas


It's all about the Texas barbecue and Unc's absolutely BRINGS it! Great prices, great family-run business, and oh-so delicious meat. 

The Wildflower Inn and buffet Hughes Springs, Texas


If y'all don't know about The Wildflower lunch buffet, well bless your heart...All-you-can eat chicken fried steak, catfish, anything you can think of Texas food and it is ALL GOOD! 

Shiver's Natural Snow Ice Longview, Texas


It's in a tiny silver old-school RV parked in a lovely grassy area, and usually has long lines of families waiting to grab their icy cupful of fruit-juicy, homemade creamy snow ice!! 


My son recently learned how to make ramen on a trip to Japan so one of the first things he did was research East Texas restaurants to find the most authentic ramen. We've all fallen in love with Ramen Saikou in Longview, with their delicious made-from-scratch ramen, broths (chicken, beef, or pork) that are steeped for 15 hours or more and are surprisingly not salty (!).  The bowls are filled with variations of fresh and healthy ingredients. There are plenty of appetizers and they serve more than just ramen, but definitely come for the ramen. You'll leave very, very happy! 


Local Restaurants

Flying burger and seafood longview, texas


Okay, the name is (more than) a little goofy. But the food is epic. Fresh beef & seafood and because of MS I need lots of salmon. This is one of my go-to places for take-out grilled and it's awesome. 

don juan's hughes springs, texas


All of us HSHS alumni nearly died when we learned Don Juan's was serving ALCOHOL, but there it is haha...Awesome Mexican food and yes, margaritas in my little hometown, Hughes Springs! 

Jack ryan's kilgore, texas


When my friend Tina Moody Bryan brought me to beautiful Jack Ryan's I was so happy to find another fine dining-type place in East Texas! And my entree, elk, is one of the MS/Wahl's Protocol meats I'm supposed to eat and it was absolutely delicious. 

Country tavern Kilgore, Texas


Once again my friends Tina and Tim Bryan shared this place with me. But Rep. Louie Gohmert is the first person who told me I MUST get the fall-off-the-bone ribs at the Country Tavern, and fall they did. Oh man, y'all. Seriously. 

Enoch's Stomp Vineyard & Winery, harleton, texas


If it weren't for the pine trees you might think you were in Italy! Or maybe an East Texas version. Enoch's Stomp is nestled in a rolling hillside with large ponds and rows and rows of grapes. They now have a large dining room (it was originally just for banquets) and a fun patio with live music. 

Roma's Italian Kitchen Longview, Texas


Opened in July 2019, this trendy brick-walled restaurant is in the heart of old-town Longview. It offers a break from that other national "Italian" chain and trust me, Roma's bread sticks are MUCH BETTER. Not that I eat bread. But I did. And it's better. 

Local Restaurants

Taqueria daysi's y marisc mexican restaurant pittsburg, texas


THANK YOU Betsy Griffis for bringing me (and so many friends) to this place! Y'all, you may THINK you want to order something else on the menu but don't. GET THE BOILED SHRIMP. Everyone comes here for the SHRIMP. Too much to say in this block, read to understand. Get. The. Shrimp. 

Fuji Japanese Restaurant Longview, texas


When I moved to Longview from Los Angeles, one of the first things I was worried about was finding good, FRESH SUSHI. My 2nd worry was finding a new hair stylist, which Gina's in Hughes Springs took care of--see review under BUSINESS). And Fuji's at 3098 North Eastman Road took care of the rest. Since then I eat hear at least 2-3 times every month either inside or take-out and often come with my HS friend Amy Nelson. LOVE this place! (And I also sometimes use the Waitr app for DELIVERY.) 

Cafe barron's Longview, Texas


Shop Barron’s is not only a perfect place to #ShopLocal in Longview, Texas for special & unique gifts but it's also a great place to #EatLocal in their adjoining restaurant, Café Barron’s!  had to try their salmon which I'm happy to say was delicious & I'll be ordering that for take-out, too now. Another plus, Cafe Barron's has PATIO SEATING, something that's sadly rare in Longview, (maybe because it's too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter? Still worth having on the good days, ETx.) Lovely restaurant, they have several rooms for meetings and/or parties and there's a great BAR, too. Plenty of parking but watch out for crazy drivers as always in Longview I've learned haha. #SupportSmallBusiness 

Cajun Tex Hallsville, texas


I went with my son to Cajun Tex Hallsville for dinner and it’s AWESOME here! This place was highly recommended to him by his friends at the Alpine Golf Course btw). We were there on a Saturday night and there was an excellent live band, great food, and fun people! We had their fried shrimp plate, étouffée, excellent chargrilled oysters AND we had some of the best bread pudding anywhere & beignets with caramel sauce for dessert (YES I'm not eating for awhile now...). Next time I'll try their 'Cajun Bear Poboy' w/shrimp & brisket, it's up for a big mega-food award so I can't wait to taste it. The SERVICE was stellar by the way--the kids working there were friendly, hard-working & so helpful. Y’all get out here this place is great, can't wait to go back! You can BYOB too. 201 Renaissance in Hallsville, Texas #SupportLocalBusiness #SupportEastTexas#BreakTheChains

Bear Creek Smokehouse Marshall, Texas


I'm SO excited to share a new place my son, DIL & I visited with y'all! It's a place not only for A-MAAZING food and shopping but also for fun and adventure for the entire family! AND to top it off, this place represents just about everything EAST TEXAS is all about!

It's Bear Creek Smokehouse in Marshall, Texas, a FIVE GENERATION-run family business that was begun as a tiny little smokehouse (see in photos) and has grown into this ginormous structure they built in SIX MONTHS last year, as well as their world-wide shipping business. I could go on & on about all of that, and probably should, but let's get on with the food. And shopping. And did I mention you get to feed TURKEYS?? AND LONGHORN CATTLE??? Well yes, you do!!! (See the pictures & VIDEO of me doing that, too!)

So the food. They serve lunch specials Mon-Thurs from 11-1pm but serve their scrumptious smoked brisket sandwiches throughout the day. I'm not sure why but they don't want to be known as a "restaurant" per se but that's what I'm partially going to think of them as since I love to eat lol. But wow--their smoked brisket y'all--um, YES! They served us their special, brisket on a giant potato with their famous garlic pickles AND they opened up & sliced one of smoked peppered pork tenderloins which they sell like hotcakes, along with tons of varieties of BACON and cranberry turkey and a fridge full of everything you can imagine. See the picture of @Stormy showing us all their smoked meats. They sell around 500 turkeys every holiday season--and after sampling some of their food, I understand why. (Btw--their smoked jalapeño sausage, which is featured on Cajun Tex Hallsville poboy sandwich is what brought us here!)

Bear Creak Smokehouse is located just a few miles down the road from Enoch's Stomp Winery and Vineyard so as you can see in the pictures the views from here are stunning. They do beautiful weddings, they have wonderful bridal registry gifts, and there's LOTS of room and things to do for the little ones, both indoors and out! They host charity events, concerts, and lots of fun things coming up.
Don't even get me started on how amazing the women's bathroom is! Seriously! lol

OH and another fun fact, Robbie Shoults, (who helped build the place btw!!) has been featured on several Food Network cooking shows including Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, and has been a judge multiple times on Beat Bobby Flay.
So y'all come out to this beautiful hidden jewel in Marshall, Texas. If you've got out-of-state guests who want a REAL Texas experience, you're not going to get much "realer" than this. 10857 State Hwy 154
#SupportLocalBusiness #FamilyOwned #SupportEastTexas #EatLocal#ShopLocal #TexasDayTrip
Greater Marshall Chamber of Commerce

The Cace Kitchen Longview, Texas


Most East Texans remember Johnny Cace's Seafood restaurant in Longview, Texas. Sadly it closed soon after I moved out here--but I was happy to discover The Cace Kitchen, a small "boutique" place on 415 N. High Street in Longview where you can still get some of those Johnny Cace's favorites! 

They change out their options daily/weekly and what I learned is you sometimes need to get there FAST to get your favorites, but I was able to snag the last DELICIOUS chicken salad which I've been eating a little of every day. It's just like my mom used to make with green apple, not too much mayo/just enough, fresh chicken. I also bought some frozen Cace's shrimp gumbo and crawfish étouffée for later and I ALREADY KNOW how delicious it is because I ate tons of both in their restaurant back in the day! 

And I just saw this picture of their special for today--their epic marinated crab claws!! (They also have chess pie.........) So off I go to Cace's Kitchen again haha. 

(PS---They also have lots of goodies for your football/tailgate parties!)
#SupportLocalBusiness #SupportSmallBusiness #BetterThanChains#FamilyOwnedBusiness #SupportLongviewTexas #EatLocal#BreakTheChains
Chelsea Cace Longview Chamber of Commerce

Local Restaurants

Joseph's Riverport Bar-B-Que jefferson, texas


Don’t come to Joseph's Riverport Bar-B-Que if y’all don’t like fall off the bone melt in your mouth delicious barbecue ribs. Stay home. If you do like it, this is the place to come in Jefferson, Texas ❤️❤️❤️ (Owner Stephen also gave me some burnt ends to try, exquisite of course!)

(PS I could only eat 2 out of 4 of my ribs, I was too full so I took the rest home. Can’t wait to eat tomorrow!!!)



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